Effects of Illegal Immigrants in Malaysia

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Effects Of Illegal Immigrants In Malaysia Illegal immigrants are people who migrate across national borders without complying with legal requirements. In “Illegal immigrants in Malaysia,” (2012), it has been found that in Malaysia, they comprise a portion of the country population, numbering as many as two millions by some estimates. Most of them are from nearby Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Philippines. Hopkins (n.d.) acknowledged that 50 percent of illegal immigrants are people who arrive legally but then overstay their visas. Immigrants who crossed Malaysian borders illegally have contributed to the nation decline in economic, threatens social structure, and causes health problems among Malaysian citizen. According…show more content…
They pay or owe an amount of money to syndicates that are responsible in smuggling them to be taken across Malaysian borders. As a result, these immigrants make money by selling drugs, running prostitution centers, and commit armed robberies. The activities run by them have created feeling of insecure towards citizens. Other than that, Gibson (2005) suggests that illegal immigrants caused devastating impact on health among Malaysian citizens. These immigrants had incurred high cost of health care system in Malaysia. This is because too much illegal immigrants who are sick or injured obtained free medical treatments in Malaysia due to our policy to treat any injured patients regardless of their background. On top of that, the cost of medical treatments obtained by them reflex Malaysian taxpayers to pay high tax. Besides that, Nazehan (2008) states that these immigrants are responsible in the spread of dangerous diseases especially sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV and even gonorrhea. For instance, the smuggling of women for the purpose of forced prostitution will lead to spread of HIV virus. As the consequence, it will increase the total of fatality as found by Nazehan (2008). The threats posed to our country by illegal immigrants are many. They bring poverty and taking jobs away from the poor citizens. It is evident that the presents of illegal immigrants in our nation do have
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