Essay about Effects of Influences

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Statement of Problem Coming from the inner-city I have been exposed to many risk factors that affect a juvenile's chances of becoming a delinquent or serious and violent offender. Intervention, however, can decrease the chances of a juvenile becoming delinquent. There are various protective factors that can "buffer" the impact of risk factors on a child's life. My mentor was the main source of protection from the risk factors of my childhood. Despite the fact that my family was not the positive influence I needed, I am grateful for my mentor because he really taught me a lot. For children raised in a single parent home, a mentor can do a world of good for both the child and himself. Both benefit from the knowledge each can provide…show more content…
The outcome of the child's life is considerably different compared to a child who has a stable life with both parents. With only one parent a child may receive only half the guidance given by two parents. This usually results in the child making wrong decisions like getting involved with other risk factors such as school problems or dropping out. The way we are socialized by our surroundings has a dramatic impact on whether we become delinquents. Positive influences in a child's life can make a world of difference because they really show the proper way of living. Unfortunately, a lot of the inner-city youth do not have anybody to look up to other than negative influences. The juvenile may not even realize that his/her surroundings are negative influences since he/her is so imbeded in his/her surroundings. Most students here at the University of Denver have older parents who have succeeded in finding a career and a life-long companion with whom to share a child of their dreams. In the inner-city most parents have their children early in life while still in their teens or early twenties; and do not provide their children with a good foundation for success in the future. My hypothesis is that a single-parent home in the inner-city communities put a child in more risky situations compared to children of parents that are married before raising
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