Effects of Media Violence on Children

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The Effect of Media Violence on Children and Levels of Aggression.

It has been said that children are like sponges when it comes to attaining knowledge. This seems to be true whether they are learning to speak or how to show emotion. Feelings and emotions become more imminent once children begin to go through adolescents. Children acquire the ability to aggression, sadness, and happiness more readily. Males typically exhibit higher levels of aggression then females according to some research. Within the realm of learning children imitate what they see constantly, whether it be through TV, magazines ,movies, or radio. Media plays a strong role on how children act to different situations that they may have seen. Sometimes the
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In another experiment conducted by Liebart and Baron (1972) there was a strong correlation with violent behavior after viewing violent material. A group of kids ages from 5 to 9 was chosen and were subjected to the experiment one at a time. They were first warmed by watch watching 2 minutes of TV that was neutral to violent and non- violent. After the two minutes were up the children were randomly assigned to a non- violent group that went to watch an exciting sports sequence for three and half minutes. The other group was subjected to was three and half minutes of the movie "Untouchables" , which was rated "R". After the child was given the opportunity help another child or hurt them. They had could help the other child with the game they were playing or hurt by making the handle that the child was holding hot. After the experiment was over the results proved their hypothesis correctly. Children that watched the violent film were more likely to make the handle hot for another child then was the other non- violent movie group. Also later when the children were observed at play the subjects that had watched the violent film played more with the violent toys( fake guns and knives) then the other group. A study by Bjorkqvist (1985) showed that even cartoon character violence has an affect on children. In the experiment who used 87 kids. 45 from preschool
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