Effects of Media on Society

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"Media Violence - American children and adolescents are exposed to increasing amounts of media violence, especially in television, movies, video games, and youth-oriented music. By 18, the average young person will have viewed 200,000 acts of violence on television" (http: //www.karisable.com/crssmv.htm) For the past thirty years, there has been a debate over violence is the media and whether or not that media violence leads to real-life violence. There are those who would say that yes, violence in the media has and will still lead to real-life violence and there are those who would say that no, the violence in the media does not cause real-life violence. The main concern on this issue of course the effect that the media violence…show more content…
"For example, players in Grand Theft Auto 3 (the best-selling game ever for PlayStation 2) earn points by car jacking, and stealing drugs from street people and pushers. In Carmageddon, players are rewarded for mowing down pedestrians -- sounds of cracking bones add to the realistic effect. The first-person shooter in Duke Nukem hones his skills by using pornographic posters of women for target practice, and earns bonus points for shooting naked and bound prostitutes and strippers who beg, "Kill me." In the game Postal, players act out the part of the Postal Dude, who earns points by randomly shooting everyone who appears -- including people walking out of church, and members of a high school band. Postal Dude is programmed to say, "Only my gun understands me." www.media-awareness.ca/english/issues/violence/index.cfm) Yet there are still others that feel that video games are only an extension of humans' innate desire to play. Without video games, people would find another medium to express that desire to play. These people also feel that how a parent raises a child really determines everything about a child's young life. If the child cannot determine fantasy from reality because they haven't been taught the difference between fantasy and reality, it would not matter whether there is a single video game anywhere in the world. It is inevitable that some

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