Effects of Micromanagement

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Effects of Micromanagement in a Work Environment

This paper explores the effects of Micromanagement in a work environment by focusing on a particular situation currently encountered at a work environment. It describes the current situation and the effects caused by Micromanagement and offers some possible solutions to alleviate the problem.

Effects of Micromanagement in a Work Environment

Definition Micromanagement often times carry a negative connotation and is associated with bad management traits. There are countless articles written about proper leadership that vilifies the word and the trait definition of it. White, R. J. (2010) commonly refers
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• Demanding – Often demands frequent and unnecessary reports/tables
I currently work at an organization where we have a normal rotation of managers; usually these postings last anywhere from three years to six years. We have recently undergone a rotation change transitioning from a situation where our previous manager, whose term lasted for six years, delegated most of the task at hand to a situation where we have a new administration that currently chooses to micromanage each and every task at hand. This has caused a significant drop in office productivity and creativity, as well as a notable drop in employee morale. Projects would drag on dangerously close to their deadlines and often times go past it as the process gets mired in the decision process with lots of confusion and revisions being made. Other projects will remain stagnant for a good period of time due to the fact that one particular item needs to be redone completely. Meanwhile, other projects are often put on hold whilst a decision is awaited on how to proceed with a single item. Soon after, the delays in one project or another resulted in lowered employee morale and self-confidence so much so to the point that no one wanted to make a decision or was hesitant to do so, even on the
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