Effects of Microwave Radiation On The Human Body Essay

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Effects of Microwave Radiation On The Human Body

I am going to research the effects of microwave radiation on the human body mainly from mobile phones. I am going to collect a wide range of information from a number of reliable and different sources.

To research the effects of microwave radiation on the human body I am going to look at five different sources.

Firstly I am going to look at the Internet to find two sources of information one from a scientific organisation and one from a mobile phone manufacturer. Because the Internet has a lot of unreliable information I am going to run an advanced search from the Google search engine. This will mean my sources are not useless thoughts of
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Non-ionising radiation still causes problems. Exposure to high levels can result in an increase to your temperature; this makes your heart work harder and can result in headaches, and Sickness. Mobile phones emit low levels of these radio waves. But some people say that even levels below that which causes heating effects, they can cause 'non-thermal' effects such as tumours, headaches and memory loss. Power watch - an organisation that gives advice on electromagnetic fields - is in no doubt: 'anyone who uses a mobile phone extensively runs a risk of adverse health effects. We estimate that 10 per cent of the population may be at risk of milder effects, such as headaches and loss of concentration.'

(Suntec Corporation UK)

Research piece 2

* Life-energy field breakdown: Persons near microwaves in operation experience a breakdown of their life-energy fields that increases exposure.

* Cellular energy decreases: The cellular-voltage parallels of individuals using the apparatus degenerate relative to the length of - especially in their blood and lymphatic serums.

* Destabilised metabolism: The external-energy activated potentials of food utilisation are both destabilised and degenerated.

* Cell damage: Internal cellular-membrane potentials during catabolic processes into the blood serum from the