Effects of Mobile Devices

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Mobile Devices The use of mobile devices will help to improve the ability of a doctor's office to meet the needs of patients and update personnel. However, implementing these kinds of solutions requires focusing on potential challenges and if it is economically viable. This will be accomplished through looking at potential risks, strategies for utilizing them and making specific recommendations they can use in the process. Together, these elements will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of utilizing these solutions. Identify risks inherent in the use of wireless and mobile technologies. The biggest risks of using wireless technology are that hackers can breach these systems. This is occurring through a process known as intrusion. Using these tactics, they are able to gain access to passwords and disable any kind of encryption technology. Once this takes place, is the point they can access sensitive information about the patients, staff and the operations of the business. (Marcinko, 2012) ("Health Information at Risk," 2012) At the same time, they can use the wireless network to conduct denial of service attacks. This is when they are able to use the facilities network to engage in criminal activities such as: phishing, transmitting child pornography or attacking other organizations. These areas are problematic, as this could hurt the reputation of the clinic and it can cause regulators to scrutinize the firm's activities. (Marcinko, 2012) ("Health Information at
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