Effects of Modern Technology Among Students

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ABSTRACT In the knowledge economy it is appropriate to revise the approach to teaching and learning in unpredictable environment in which wider numbers of societies function. The traditional approach to learning and teaching cannot be sufficient, precisely because of unstable conditions in which the gaining knowledge comes to use. In the age of globalization and digitization of social and economic life it has become a very important need of skilful and flexible use of ever more sophisticated tools and technologies. At once, thanks to modern technologies, acquisition of knowledge, skills and qualifications has become faster, easier and more efficient. In this paper it has been made an aim to estimate the use of modern…show more content…
They produce a large mout of waste water which pollutes the water supply. This is detrimental to the health of people. The most harmful effect which modern technology induces is the abuse of internet. Many people become addicted to the internet especially students. They spend most of the time playing game online or visited a variety of bad websites. Accordingly, the time they spend on study is automatically redused, which in turn causes lower academic achievement. Moreover, some of the students even refuse to go to school due to the fact that they can’t escape from the trap of the internet. THEORETICAL/CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK One of the possible approaches to designing and implementing an advanced technology course in a general high school is proposed and discussed in this paper. The pilot optional course ìAn Introduction to Robotics and Real Time Controlî presents a two-year program, which includes theoretical studies, lab experiments and construction work, as well as a practical mini-project and a theoretical mini-research. The program started in 1994 at the Ohel-Shem general high-school (School #1). Blich school (School #2) has joined since 1995, and an additional school associated with the Hebrew University (School #3) joined in 1996. By the 1996-97 school year a total of 122 students (grades 10-12) had participated in the program: 17 students in 1994-96, 43 in 1995-97, 62
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