Effects of Motivation on Employees’ Job Performance in an Organization

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Effects of Motivation on Employees’ Job Performance in an Organization

The primary objective of this paper is to describe, analyze and evaluate the effects of motivation on employees job performance in an organization. Furthermore, this aims to give insight to employees and administration who are working within an organization. The importance of motivation and how it affects an organization's performance in it's entirety, will be the best deciding measure between good and bad motivational techniques used by prominent business experts. The paper only covers some of the descriptions, analysis's and evaluations of motivational methods and the effects on employees’ job performance in a certain organizations.
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Since people's motives for working are varied, management should take effective efforts to produce high motivation among workers to maintain their good spirits. Managers must identify rewards or incentives that sharpen the drives to satisfy the wants of every worker. These identified rewards will be used inventively that probably lead people to perform effectively for the organization that employs them (Mison, Tuazon and Cordova, 1988).

Job performance is the output when people are motivated to use their abilities to do their job. When we say that motivation influences performance, it also implies that motivation can have an effect on the yield or output of businesses which concerns both quality and quantity. Motivation can either be extrinsic or intrinsic. To conceptualize this, let us create a scenario. Consider two workers in a call center agency. Sheena doesn’t enjoy working and is taking the job for financial stability with the notion of meeting her economic needs and services. Jessa on the other hand, has always liked to work as a call center agent for she could earn money to sustain her needs and in addition, she truly wanted to study how to run a call center agency. She sees its benefits for her future plans as a business tycoon. She would like to build the same business on her own someday somehow. Sheena exhibits extrinsic motivation because she is motivated by factors external to
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