Effects of Nurses Rounds on Patients Call Light Use Satisfaction and Safety

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A Critique of the Literature Effects of Nursing Rounds: on patients’ Call Light Use, Satisfaction and Safety. Introduction: The findings of this article will critically review the methods of research, population, systems and data used to obtain results regarding this study. This evaluation of the outcome would determine whether or not there was a need to change the nursing management of patient care. The study would determine if patients were happy with their care and if the rate of falls were minimised. In the health care setting, the call light is an important communication tool for the nursing…show more content…
60). There were 3 groups used for nursing rounds, one was a controlled group, the second group was at one-hourly intervals and the third group was at two hourly intervals. The researchers used a theory to gather information using different methods such as questions or numbers using population in the nursing units for a short time frame. This was an experimental design using different types of groups. The type of research was informative, qualitative, descriptive, graphic, subjective, the use of a means scores, tables, Binomial tests and percentages (2006, pp.62-66). The design used for the collection of the data was a quasi- experiment, the referencing is quantitative and all participants were acknowledged (Meade et al. 2006, p.70). The research did not appear to be a proactive study. Methods: For the first two weeks baseline data was accumulated. There were 27 nursing units in 14 hospitals consisting of a surgical, medical and an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The experimental groups were nursing staff who were to perform either one or two hourly patient rounds. A specific protocol provided was to be used. The hourly intervals were between the hours of
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