Effects of Nursing Rounds on Patients’ Call Light Use, Satisfaction, and Safety Introduction to Nursing Research

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Effects of Nursing Rounds on Patients’ Call light Use, Satisfaction, and Safety Introduction to Nursing Research Effects of Nursing Rounds This is a critique study on “effects of nursing rounds on patients’ call light use, satisfaction, and safety by Christine Meade, PHD, Amy Bursell, PHD and Lyn Ketelsen MBA,RN(2006)”outline as quasi-experimental research design. The author states in this article about patient’s frequent usage of call light in the hospital. Frequent call light usage seems to be an ongoing problem in the hospital setting. This study was to determine how to reduce the call light use and burn out staff, also increase patient satisfaction and safety. Protection of Human Participants. The Benefits…show more content…
The Author did use one graph to identify the most common use for the call light and another graph was used to identify the frequency of call light usage in baseline one- hour rounding and two-hour rounding. Author used t test for comparisons of patient satisfaction scores. The researcher used statistical software to identify the difference between two independent means. Two vendors at the hospital were tracking patient satisfaction score, the sample size and standard deviations. These scores used for t calculations (Meade, Bursell, Ketelsen , 2006). Findings/Interpretation of Findings The results of the study showed that significant increase in patient satisfaction scores, decreased call light usage, and reduction in patients fall rates. One-hour rounding shows higher satisfaction than two hour- rounding. Hypothesis supported the study because the research shows rounding can reduce patient call light usage (Meade, Bursell, Ketelsen , 2006). The theoretical framework that forms the basis of the research is that consistent nursing rounds can meet the basic needs of patient and ultimately reduce call light use and [pic]improve management of patient care while also[pic] increasing [pic]patient satisfaction and[pic] safety. I believe that the limitations of the study findings were generalized. The author did not have the access to the data; a vendor was tracking the patient satisfaction data. According to the report there was
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