Effects of Organic and Synthetic Fertilizers on Okra Plant (Abelmoschus Esculentus)

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This investigatory project was conducted to test the effectivity of organic and synthetic fertilizers when apply on okra plant. It also aims to test whether, which is better to use between the two fertilizers.
In order to conduct the study, we have used okra seeds, polyethylene bag, and dried leaves as organic fertilizer, synthetic fertilizer, synthetic fertilizer, and natural soil. We have planted each polyethylene bag with 3 seeds of okra, labeled it as Setup A (Organic fertilizer), Setup B (Synthetic Fertilizer), And Setup C (Control Experiment). Then, we observed the changes in the plant for 3 weeks.
After several weeks, we observed some changes in the plant like the increasing number of its height and leaves.
We therefore
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b) Does not contain chemicals, which will affect the growth of plants. Ho- Negative effects of organic fertilizers when applied on okra plant
a) Slower time of growth.
b) Requires a longer period of time before one can apply it on plant.
2) Ha- Easier growth of plants
Ho- Contains chemicals which can affect the plant’s growth
3) Ha- In applying organic fertilizer, you can save time and effort.
Ho- Synthetic fertilizers are tiring to use because you need to be careful in applying it on plants.
4) Ha- Organic fertilizers don’t require a big amount of money.
Ho- Big amount of money is expected to be involved in using synthetic fertilizer
C. Significance of the Study

The investigatory project was conducted to help the farmers in deciding whether what kind of fertilizer is best to use. It also provides informations about the effects of both organic and synthetic fertilizer on okra plant. This study enables the students to gain more knowledge on how are fertilizers are applied on plants. It also tests and develops the talents and potentials of each student who conducted the study especially in coping with the problems that have been encountered while performing the experiment. The study also

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