Effects of Powerpoint Presentation in the Academic Performance of the Senior Students in Madapdap High School

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Effect of PowerPoint Presentation in the Academic Achievement of the Senior Students of Madapdap Rest. High School in Physics In partial fulfilment of the requirement for the subject Elective 2 Current Trends and Researches in Science Teaching Submitted by: Jeffrey R. Yumang MAEd-General Science Submitted to: Dr. Jacqueline V. Bagunu Acknowledgement Foremost, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to our Professor Dr. Jacqueline V. Bagunu for her patience, motivation, enthusiasm, and immense knowledge. Her guidance helped me in all the time of writing this action research. My sincere thanks also goes to the staff of PAC library for allowing me to borrow their journals and books in especially in the field of…show more content…
In the traditional education environments, the duty of the students is to adhere the education activities as a passive receiver and memorize the content of the lesson (Surmeli 2007: 30). PowerPoint presentations create more powerful sensory alerts when compared with the traditional education materials (blackboard, overhead projections, etc.)While giving the lessons with PowerPoint presentations, the content of the lesson stays the same, but the form of transmitting the lesson to the student changes. The PowerPoint presentations which are prepared for lessons have the advantages such as having strong colors, gradual building of text, simple animation of diagrams, facilities for simple editing and updating (Lowry 1999:19). Thus it can be mentioned that the PowerPoint presentations provide significant time and force savings. As the popularity of the PowerPoint presentations increase, the studies concerning the pedagogical results of the usage of this tool increase. The advantages of giving lessons with the PowerPoint presentations could be generalized as follows in the light of the academic studies till now: * PowerPoint contributes to properly forming the course content and giving lesson (Sugahara & Boland 2006: 392, Hlynka & Mason 1998: 47, Nouri & Shahid 2005: 55). * It simplifies taking notes during the lesson (Cook 1998: 5, James et al 2006: 386) * Students think that following the lesson from

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