Effects of Probiotic Youghurt and Cheese on Blood Lipids

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Background: There have been studies investigating the effect of probiotic yoghurt on blood lipids. However the results are conflicting. Also, there have been few studies involving probiotic cheese. Purpose: The goal of this trial was to compare the consumption effect of probiotic yoghurt with probiotic cheese on blood lipids. Methods: 180 subjects aged 18 – 65, with <6 mmol/l total cholesterol were participated in a 2-month trial. Subjects were assigned into three 60-person groups; probiotic cheese group (30 g/d), probiotic yoghurt group (100 g/d) and control. Results: A significant reduction in cholesterol was observed at the end within both groups; Cheese (-0.42 mmol/L; 95% CI, -0.47, -0.37; P<0.0001), Yoghurt (-0.15 mmol/L; 95% CI, -0.25, -0.05; P=0.007). HDL, LDL and Triglyceride also showed significant improvements during 2-month period. Cholesterol comparison with control also revealed a significant reduction in both groups; cheese (-0.51 mmol/L; 95% CI, -0.63, -0.39; P<0.0001), yoghurt (-0.27 mmol/L; 95% CI, -0.39, -0.15; P<0.0001). Conclusion: Probiotic cheese showed greater improvement effects on blood lipids compared to probiotic yoghurt. This trial was registered in the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR) at http://www.anzctr.org.au as ACTRN12612000623897 Introduction Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are among the most common causes of morbidity and premature death worldwide [1]. Based on WHO reports, it has been noted that by 2030, CVD

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