Effects of Prostitution

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Book Review: Teen Prostitution Johnson, Joan J. Teen Prostitution. New York: F. Watts, 1992. Print. Ones adolescent stage is viewed as innocent and pure. However, a multi-million dollar industry within our world strips teens from their youth and leaves them fighting for their lives. Children as young as 10 are working the streets as their life style revolves around prostitution. United States of America implies an image that any individual can live a life filled with money. However, not everyone reaches this “American Dream”. Those who were not born into money know the hardships of the streets and the feeling of desperation and loneliness. Societies youth fall victim to prostitution as an…show more content…
Johnson stresses how abused children would rather sell their bodies than stay within a home where they feel abandoned and where they are surrounded by violence. Therefore, teens take drastic measures and find themselves on the streets, barely clothed, and turning tricks for a few dollars. In Elaine Landau 's, On the Streets, Landau reveals that around 85 percent of those who run away from there abused parents are most likely to become involved in prostitution. In a global scale approximately 2 million teens run away each year and 20 percent of these teens become full-time prostitutes. It is clear that with Johnson 's collected data she declares that abused teens not only face psychological hardships, but they are most likely to take part in hard-core prostitution. These teens have now formed dependency among there pimps and “sugar daddies”. Johnson goes into depth when discussing the forms of abuse that can ultimately destroy a child and force them to grow up into the world of prostitution. Johnson demonstrates four forms of abuse that can take place within one 's childhood and adolescent stage. One of Johnson 's evidence for why teens result to prostituting is because most of these teenagers have originated from abusive homes. An abusive home can include parents that show little to no interest to their offspring or can be considered as irresponsible
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