Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition

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Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition
Chastity Meeks
June 6, 2011

Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition
Quality management has effects on the domestic and global competition associated with the airline industry. While Southwest and Lufthansa are both airline companies with similar goals they each have a different process or procedure that they abided by that keeps the company effective.
Southwest Airline vs. British Airways Similarities
The leading airlines in the industry are Southwest Airline and British Airways. Quality management and innovation is where they both place the heaviest emphasis. Southwest airlines is a domestic airline that is based in the
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Both airlines are market leaders and maintain a low percentage of flight delays; both airlines implemented stringent quality control measures to maintain on-time flight arrivals and departures. British Airways adheres to a “minus ten” rule in its approach to boarding passengers, while Southwest focuses on quick turnaround times.
Although, British Airways and Southwest Airlines operate in different markets, use different quality management techniques to achieve goals and provide different services to their customers, both airlines practice quality management techniques that other airlines should emulate.

Producing a Competitive Service
To remain competitive in the global market, both airlines must adhere to a quality management process that focuses on customer service. Though British Airways and Southwest Airlines have a different approach to quality management, both achieved great success through customer satisfaction. While Southwest Airlines achieve customer satisfaction by providing a straight-forward, low-cost approach, to air travel, British Airways emphasizes luxury and comfort. A continued focus on quality management and high level of customer satisfactions has produced profitable airlines that lead their respective markets.
“Southwest Airlines has been named a charter member of the International Airline Passenger Association’s Honor Roll of Airlines among the World’s Safest Airlines” (Southwest Southwest Airlines employs some of the
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