Effects of Racism on the American Society

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Racism Introduction Racism can be described as the mind-set or practice of recognizing influence/superiority of one group over another. It is either based on race, color, ethnicity or cultural heritage. Regrettably, racism has now become a global tradition and is not only limited to a particular region or society ("Racism", 2012). Similarly, racism and discrimination have continued to be among the biggest issues of the American society. Unfortunately, the non-white populace in the USA has been repeatedly subjected to individual and institutional prejudice (Crocker, 2007). In America, racism is noticeable at all individual, group and institutional levels. The racists spread and conserve racism by introducing planned activities and policies in economical, communal, political, learning, spiritual and cultural aspects of life ("Racism", 2012). Regardless of the fact that several civil rights groups and political leaders have sincerely endeavored to stop racial discrimination practices, they have not stopped. In today's contemporary society of America, there are still countless non-white citizens who are living their lives in a state of melancholy, unhappiness and depression due to the widespread prejudiced beliefs (Crocker, 2007). Effects of Racism on American Society Racism is having influential effects on the American society. The society in America is now carrying out its functions in such a manner that the people of color are all the time disturbed, badly

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