Effects of Sexual Victimization on Society

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There are many ways that a woman can be sexually victimized, such as being psychologically degraded or physically assaulted. It is hard to bring justice for a victim of sexual victimization, more so when the victim does not press charges. Even if charges are pressed it may be hard to prosecute the perpetrator because of the lack of evidence. To some extent our society has become jaded to the impact that sexual abuse has on a person’s wellbeing – as evident in the news article that will be discussed. This paper will also discuss the impact sexual victimization has on society as well as how gender and sexual aggression relates to human sexuality.
Sasha Khokha’s (2013) article, Despite Barriers, Farm Worker Breaks Silence About Rape Case, details migrant worker Guadalupe Chavez’s 2006 ordeal of being sexually assaulted by her supervisor. The supervisor coerced Chavez to remove her underwear in exchange for her paycheck and forced her to perform fellatio before letting her go. Chavez’ superior threatened to have a gun in his possession thus Chavez complied for fear of her life. Khokha explains that many migrant workers do not report cases of rape or harassment by superiors because of fear of deportation and being fired from their jobs. The article also shows that many cases of victimization go unreported. Chavez was one of the exceptions and chose to take the case to trial. The jury believed the defense’s case which was that Chavez and the supervisor’s sexual interaction was
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