Effects of Smart Phones in the Society Essay

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Introduction A smart phone is a highly developed cell phone which has more applications than the normal mobile phone. It is a personal device that connects to cellular data so as to provide online services. Smart phones have different capabilities in comparison to a normal cell phone. It can check e-mails, make phone calls, and browse the web in its basic form. Examples of smart phones’ operating systems today include, Android (Google), iPhone (Apple), Windows mobile (MS), Blackberry OS (RIM), and S60 (Symbian). These operating systems allow their customers to use different applications for their needs. Smartphone users have an access to the internet. This means that extremely many things can be done by a small device that is portable and…show more content…
Access to information is vital in gaining knowledge. Internet provides a platform where everyone can access the information easily and frequently. Before the popularization of Smart phones, getting internet was a problem since people had had to locate a computer before getting the information. Today, life is smooth with Smart phones since the internet is in someone’s pocket. Some applications provide users with access to communication (texting and calling), for example, Skype. This is essential for oversees people who can communicate live with their relatives via the gadget. This makes the smart phone to be more convenient in its application. Smart phones have similar societal impacts as the normal phone. They are more of computers since they allow us to take pictures and videos, play games, send texts and emails, and even browse the full web. School environment has profoundly changed due to the emergence of Smart phones. Students can easily access the information faster even during the lecture (Reed, 2010). With smart phones, anyone can become a journalist these days. Most smart phones have built in cameras with other mobile applications which can make it easier for journalism. Smart phones can eliminate the role of the powerful cameras used by journalist. This is because its technology can capture the news and reports and post them to the internet. Therefore, smart phones can provide a more point of view on some events such as crimes and national
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