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University of Trinidad and Tobago School for Studies in Learning Cognition and Education EDFN111B – Academic Reading, Writing and Research Student Name: Clifford Pierre Student ID: 57420 Assignment Due Date: 3rd April, 2012 Assignment: Argument Essay Instructor: Mrs. Andrews Topic: Effects of Social Media on Adolescents Thesis Statement: As with virtually any use of the internet, using social networks becomes a risk to adolescents more often than most realize. TOPIC | TOPIC SENTENCE | Privacy Issues | 1. Social media allows youths to share private information that can lead to exploitation and abuse. | Cyberbullying | 2. There are many reports of youths affected by cyberbullying – the relentless online teasing, ostracizing,…show more content…
“Many teens are highly concerned about their social status,” she writes.”If teens measure their social worth based on the level of electronic communication activity with friends, this can fuel addiction.”A further interesting finding of her research was that teens tended to be unaware of just how much time they really spent on social networks, and the effect this might have on their academic performance also. The amount of time spent on social networks raises yet another concern with adolescents. Overuse of online social media can increase social isolation, as well as depression, when it replaces more tangible forms of human contact. In their book, Loneliness—Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection, researchers John T. Cacioppo and William Patrick thoroughly address the subject of loneliness. They refer to a study that confirms that increased Internet use can increase social isolation as well as depression when it replaces more tangible forms of human contact. The research shows that the hectic pace of life imposed by modern society is hardly “conducive to warm human contact”. A smile and the affection that can be seen in a person’s eyes cannot generally be conveyed through a message on a computer screen. Adolescent children can have their own computer and live virtually isolated from the rest of the family. Ironically, in spite of their electronic communication accessibility, many youngsters

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