Effects of Social Movements

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Effects of Social Movements Social movements have changed the way that society is shaped and has impacted society in major ways. Where the civil rights movements brought a beginning to equal rights, the women's rights movements enhanced those rights in bringing about additional rights for women. In so doing, the social movements have allowed many people to come out of poverty levels and grow away from the powerlessness that poverty brings. According to Kenneth B. Clark, "All human beings depend on their experiences with others for clues to how they should view and value themselves" (Farber, 1994). Social movements down through history has clearly demonstrated this idea. Women's movements actually originated in the 1900-1920 when women fought for the right to vote. Even though women did not make a lot of head way back then, the African American social movements brought new ideas on how to advocate for social rights as well as set new laws in place for other movements to build on. With movements, such as the Greensboro sit ins, the Bonus Army of 1932, the New Left Movement, as well as others, social advocating brought about new ways to fight for social rights that brought about new laws and compliance agencies (The New Left, 2013). With civil rights movements of sit ins, the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott, as well as others, laws were put in place for the women's movements to build on. The women's movements chose a more political approach after the laws were put in place
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