Effects of Social Networking to Students

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Social Networking is one of the trendiest topics being talked about by the students in Sta. Teresa College. Examples of social networking sites are Friendster, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Social Networking Sites help us to communicate with our friends, classmates, and relatives but they also allow us to communicate with other people who contribute to common interests with us. For instance a person added another person as a friend on Facebook since both of them is addicted on playing Restaurant City. Through these social networking sites, we develop virtual interpersonal relationships. An interpersonal relationship is a relatively long-term relationship between two or more people.
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Online friends
3. What is the influence of SNS to interpersonal relationship of students toward their:
3.1 Family
3.2 Friends
3.3 Teachers
Significance of the Study

The researchers determined the role of social networking sites on the social aspects of students.

Students - The result of this study will make the students aware of how does social networking sites influence them and how does it affect their interpersonal relationships. This will educate the students regarding the proper usage of social networking sites. This will help the students to improve their social life with the use of social networking sites.
Teachers - This study can help the teachers by suggesting some ways in order for them to relate with student’s social activities especially with regards of using social networking sites. In line with this, teachers, as student’s second parents, will know a way how to help the students if they will be encountering a problem regarding the relationship of their students with other people.

Parents - This study will help parents to understand their child’s purpose of using social networking sites and for them to be aware of the influence from social networking sites that might affect their children. With enough knowledge, parents can think of possible preventive ways if their child is prone to develop a weak interpersonal relationship with other people because of too much usage and dependence from social networking
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