Effects of Socioeconomic Status and Ethnicity on a Child

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The socioeconomic status of a family and their ethnicity has a substantial effect on their child’s early learning and determines how much their child will accomplish through life. Life events from before birth to three years old will have significant impact on brain development (Nelson, 1999). Socioeconomic status limits how much a family could provide to aid a child’s development. Middle-class families can better prepare their children with opportunities for success than families with low household income. Families with low household income will be reluctant to spend money on daycare because they have other priorities. Credentialed daycare providers increase children’s cognitive and critical thinking skills (Barnett & Belfield, 2006). The…show more content…
In addition, students from low socioeconomic status families’ grade point averages are generally 0.30 lower than the grade point averages of students from high socioeconomic status families, and students from low socioeconomic status families are less prepared for college education (An, 2013). Researchers use student grade point averages to determine academic achievement of an individual and compare levels of academic achievement between groups of students. Low SES families have limited resources; children from these families do not have the opportunity to attend early education as children of high SES families. Low SES families are restricted to live in areas that are affordable on their household income, often economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. An economically disadvantaged neighborhood encourages children to engage in criminal activities (Wikström & Loeber, 2000). High SES families have the resources to provide their children with quality early education, preparing them well for long-term education. According to Edgerton, Roberts, & Peter (2013), high SES families thrive in a capitalist nation such as America, and they enjoy more opportunities in life. The success of parents influences academic achievement of their children. The limited resources of low SES parents force them to provide their children with poor quality preschool programs, which stunts early learning and cognitive development (Lubinshi, 2009 & Strenze, 2007). Low SES
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