Effects of Stereotypes on Gender Roles

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The Effects of Gender Roles Kayla Keidel Research Design Ohio Valley University Abstract Gender roles are an expression of society’s thought on how a man or woman should be. This is shown by individuals having pressure from the people in society telling them how they need to act, dress, look, and be. In this paper gender stereotypes will be discussed this will consist the role they play in what is expected of men and women according to society, the male and the female breadwinners for their families and their expectations of one another and their selves. The main purpose of this paper is to view the tradition gender roles and the contemporary or equal gender roles combined them together and this will help people perceive themselves in a…show more content…
In addition, it examines the extent to which status affects the evaluations associated with women’s and men’s self-perceived traits…the instrumental and expressive attributes that have been the focus of most theoretical and empirical work, in addition to other less-researched attributes.” (Gerber, 2008). This basically says that gender roles can be defined by individuals and by society. An article by Christine E. Stanik and Chalandra M. Bryant called “Marital Quality of Newlywed African American Couples: Implications of Egalitarian Gender Role Dynamics” (2010) says that there are two different types of attitudes an individual can have towards gender roles and household labor. Stanik and Bryant believe that the two types of attitudes are traditional attitudes and the contemporary or equal attitudes. Traditional attitudes can be described as attitudes that separate men into paid roles of work outside of their own home whereas the women would stay at home and do unpaid work. This work would consist of keeping up with the house, cooking, and taking care of the children. The more contemporary or equal attitude would be that men and women are equal it shouldn’t matter if a man wants to stay at home and do house work while the woman goes out and provides for her family. Stanik
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