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Literature Review: The Effectiveness of Teaching According to Student Learning Styles
In the Classroom
Jenna Scifo
Liberty University

In the last 20-30 years, learning styles has been a heavily debated topic in the field of education. Many teachers and schools have adopted the learning style approach into their classrooms. The idea of teaching students according to their preferred learning style is attracting to many, yet some believe it is another generalized theory that has little or no validity. Research over time has investigated the implications of using the learning style theory in classrooms and in the work place. Much of the research that has been conducted thus far show positive results of its effectiveness. …show more content…

According to his theory, people have strengths in some areas and weaknesses in other areas. The areas of strength are areas of intelligence in which they learn best. The following list is Gardner’s original multiple intelligences list: 1. Logical-mathematical – learn best with logic, abstractions, reasoning and numbers 2. Spatial – ability to visualize with the mind’s eye 3. Linguistic – good with words, verbal or written 4. Bodily-kinesthetic – learn best by movement 5. Musical – sensitivity to sound, tone, pitch, and music 6. Interpersonal – awareness of others and their feelings 7. Intrapersonal – self reflective and intuitive

Since Gardner’s original listing of the multiple intelligences, he has added 2 more intelligences: 1. Naturalistic – relating to one’s environment or natural surrounding 2. Existential – intuition and ability to understand other and the world around them
Gardner’s theory implied that people have one or more intelligences that determine how they learn best. This theory, like other learning style theories, opposed general ability learning. It is student centered and has been implemented in curriculums across the country (Gardner, 1993).
Positive Results in Studies about Learning Styles A common occurrence in many studies conducted on teaching according to learning styles is the positive results that take place. Strecker’s study indicated that students who

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