Effects of Technological Advances

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From the time printed publications were the dominant medium to the modern era where the internet has emerged as the dominant medium the field of journalism has experienced colossal growth, development, and evolvement. The changes caused by the gradual introduction of new and more efficient mediums consistently affected journalism and the way journalists delivered content to the public.

Prior to the concept of broadcasting, newspapers were the primary means of communication in society. Initially newspapers were a means of spreading news, usually on a local or regional level. In the times of the Civil War newspapers were used to spread news through out connected areas, in that time being the North and the South. The invention of the
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With the ability to access content at any time and filter through content that you want at your own pace things were again changed dramatically. Journalists and all outlets of the media were forced to adapt to the changes brought on by the internet. Eventually as internet usage skyrocketed and all outlets of the media have in some way integrate into the internet. The popularity of the internet flipped the journalistic world upside down, and today anyone with their own blog can “report” to people on a wide scale just the same as newspapers, television, and radio. In the modern day world by linking together with satellite and internet communication, the world has finally been able to come together as one global community. The capabilities the internet has brought now allows journalists to reach people from all over the globe, which is a great change from the times of the Civil War and news being spread and created on a local and regional basis.

In conclusion, it is important to consider that with each advancement in communication beginning with printed text and then to radio and television and then internet, communication throughout the world at large has increased dramatically. Throughout these advancements journalism has evolved and has remained an important part of our society.

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