Effects of Technology in Digital Nation

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The film “ Digital Nation” is an exploration of diverse people's views on digital media, in today's world. Some of the most important topics were on the virtual world, and the pros and cons of technology within different groups like gamers, students, families, teachers, administrators, children, military and businesses, as well as the experience of general people. In the movie, Prof. Sherry Turkle said, “Technology challenges us to assert our human values. Technology is not good or bad, is powerful, and it is complicated which means first we have to figure out what they are”. Currently, technology has taken over, wherever one, goes one will find it. Over the past years, social media in particular have spread worldwide; from Facebook to Instagram. There is constantly something new, extra advanced and creative. Overall, the technology has evolved the way humans interact with each other. In particular, technology influences by motivating students towards learning, saving time, building literacy and communication skills.
As shown in the film, a middle school in New York, which was at risk of being closed by the city because poor academic performance of the school had students who lacked interest in studying until a new principle allowed them to use computers as a tool for education. Therefore, the students were fascinated to learn which increase their percentage in Math from the previous one. Including, a change in their behavior like fewer fights, and higher attendance.
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