Effects of Technology on Individual Alienation in Bradbury’s “The Veldt”

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Lydia Hadley is the first of the two parents to point out the screams that are heard on the distance where the lions are. George soon dismisses them when he says he did not hear them. After George locks the nursery and everyone is supposed to be in bed, the screams are heard again insinuating that the children have broken into the nursery, but this time both the parents hear them. This is a great instant of foreshadowing as Lydia points out that "Those screams—they sound familiar" (Bradbury 6). At that moment, Bradbury suggests that George and Lydia have heard the screams before. He also includes a pun by saying that they are “awfully familiar” (Bradbury 6) and giving the word “awfully” two meanings. At the end we realize that “the screams are not only awfully familiar, but they are also familiar as well as awful" (Kattelman). When the children break into the nursery, even after George had locked it down, Bradbury lets the reader know that the children rely immensely on technology to not even be able to spend one night without it. The screams foreshadow that something awful is going to happen because of this technology.
In the short story, little things are mentioned that foreshadow what is about to happen. The screams are one of the main things. When George enters the nursery after Wendy and finds that it is now a forest full of…
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