Effects of Technology on the Cognitive and Physical Development of Young Children

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As our generations and technological world has vastly began to develop and expand rapidly, a repeated debate of whether technology use for young babies and children is beneficial or harmful to the physical and cognitive development of the child. As research has taken place to determine more answers around this topic, experts and parents from all different generations cast their opinion on the matter. Research in New Zealand states that ‘Almost one in five of the 2-year-olds in the study were also regularly active on home computers, tablets and other mobile devices’ (Russell Blackstock, 2014). Benefits from using media and technology from a young age, suggest an increase in vocabulary, numeracy and social skills, through television programs that show cooperative behaviour. (Raising Children Networks, 2014) state that, it’s particularly ‘helpful if you get involved with your child and her use of media – for example, you can visit quality websites together, encourage use of educational software, and view TV shows offering extra learning opportunities.’ This leads to engagement with the content e.g. repeating and acknowledgement of words, numbers and objects, decision making skills. Even from a young age babies can develop knowledge for culture, problem solving skills and an early grasp of technology use, which will largely shape the generation they live in. Downsides are also present towards your baby using technology. The time that your baby spends on a technology device,

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