Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

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The Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury
Case Study
At four years old, Casey was in a car accident. Her mother, Gloria, was driving while under the influence of alcohol and ran a red light, causing a side collision with another vehicle. Casey, who was in the passenger seat without a car seat, struck her face and head on the dashboard with great force.
Upon hospitalization at Cook Children’s Medical Center, Casey was diagnosed with severe closed traumatic brain injury. The injury was initially assessed by a physician and then a neurologist in the emergency room, and was found to need surgery. Later that day, Casey was prepped and a neurosurgeon successfully performed the procedure on her frontal cortex to reduce swelling. This injury has
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Teaching the caregivers to be the “therapists” and helping Casey practice her communication skills is vital to Casey’s outcome. Since Casey is only four years old, they are in complete control of her environment and are the people around Casey the majority of the time. Implementing these strategies at home is the only way that Casey will get enough repetition to help her make immediate improvements. Because of the many professionals that would be involved in Casey’s recovery and treatment, it would be vital to be a team member and to stay connected with the other professionals. Dr. Brimo would schedule time for a weekly check-in with all other professionals, if not more often. With Fort Worth being a large metropolitan area, Casey and her caregivers would have access to all of the different services and professionals that they would need for recovery. They would not have a long commute and would even benefit from the opportunity for lots of home treatment. The naturalistic environment that the home provides would be best for Casey, at least at the beginning stages of therapy, considering her fear of cars and memory loss. While it would be easy in such a large city to be referred to any type of specialist, the sheer number of different professionals can become confusing, sometimes leading to being referred to the wrong professional. Also the waitlist to see the different
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