Effects of Underage Alcohol Drinking

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Underage alcohol drinking can have devastating effects on teenagers. It can affect teens' grades, health and many other things as well. The reasons why teenagers consume alcohol are pretty clear. What aren’t clear are the solutions to eliminating, or at least reducing the number of underage drinkers. It is vital that we do something to at least suppress this problem. By taking action, we can greatly reduce the number of underage drinkers and it could also save not only their lives, but also someone else's life as well. Underage drinking can cause many health problems as well as educational problems in a teen’s life; therefore our country needs to decrease the number of underage drinkers by increasing both the price of alcohol as well as the legal drinking age. A possible reason why teens consume alcohol would simply be just for the risk of doing it (Underage Drinking). According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, which is a very respectable health and government organization that “supports and conducts biomedical and behavioral research on the causes, consequences, treatment, and prevention of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems”, scientists believe that since the brain continues to develop well into a person's twenties, a teen may not fully understand the consequences of underage drinking and some teenagers fulfill their risk needs by consuming alcohol (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism). This could possibly explain why teenagers
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