Effects of Using Computers

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Effects of Using Computers As the world is developing rapidly, people rely more and more on science and technology. When they define the concept of science and technology, “most people today think of silicon chips, iPods, high-definition TVs, and visual cell phones” (Wilson 320). Among those high-tech inventions, cars and cell phones are two scientific inventions that mostly affect people’s lives. For example, they can get to the destination faster or simply make a phone call to talk instead of taking time to write a letter. However, all of these effects do not stop there. As people can observe, they no longer work manually or by hand because everything have become computerized. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to believe that “in the…show more content…
For example, in the supermarket, there are too many products with many different price ranges, and computers help employees to complete the sum up transactions faster. In fact, no matter what jobs people are working, they need computers because the world has been computerized. Some people think that there is a lot of work that computers cannot perform. Yes, there is some work that needs physical movement or physical force, but computers can help people perform other tasks that require a complex thought process. According to Levy, a writer of Quarterly Journal of Economics in 2003, “computers cannot easily substitute for humans in these jobs but they can complement humans by providing large volumes of information”, he implies (30). For example, part of the truck drivers’ jobs is usually to carry goods in and out of the truck, and computers can not help them to do it. However, it can provide the truck drivers the navigation system to get to the destination quicker. Computers are an intelligent machine that can help people do various work through its various functions, so people cannot deny the crucial role of computers in people’s jobs. However, applying computers in the workplace also has a certain disadvantage. The major effect of computers is that computers create an unemployment problem. Unemployment is a serious conflict because employers no longer need much labor to run their
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