Effects of Uv Radiation on Genetic Stability Essay

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We hypothesized that the amount of UV radiation exposed has a negative correlation with yeast genetic stability, which ultimately determines the number of yeast colonies. In this experiment, yeast cells were treated with UV radiation, protected by photoprotective agents with different strength (in ascending order: Sunscreen #2, #1, aluminium foil). After letting it grow for seven days at 37 degrees, some grown colonies were counted to determine the effectiveness of photoprotective agents. After comparing collected results with the controlled group, we conclude that sunscreen #2 absorbs nearly zero UV radiation (0 yeast growth). Sunscreen #1 has some photoprotective effect (observed yeast growth). Theoretically, aluminium foil should be the…show more content…
2012). Yeast cells in this experiment were subjected to Petri dishes that were protected by photoprotective agents with different SPF. Results collected from this part of the experiment will yield an understanding of the effectiveness of photoprotective agents with different SPF values.
Several findings are made based on the results: UV radiation can cause cell death by inducing genetic mutation, which agree with Diepegen et al. (2012)’s finding regarding UV radiation’s destructive effect at a cellular level. Photoprotective agents can effectively prevent and reduce UV radiation induced damage to cells. Similar findings were made by Quatrano and Dinulos (2013), who indicated that sunscreen contains active ingredient that absorbs UV radiation ranging between 290-400 nm. This experiment proves that photoprotective agents with higher SPF values are more effective in absorbing UV radiation. Indicated by Green et al. (2011), they suggested that regular application of high SPF sunscreen will prevent melanoma.
This experiment should be repeated on a greater, more precise scale to more accurately identify the effectiveness of different products as the results shown does not comply with hypothesis fully. A follow up experiment should examine the different type of clothing’s effectiveness against UV radiation; develop new photoprotective agents etc. Findings from these

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