Effects of Verbal Reinforcement on the Rate and Content of a Conversation

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Effects of Verbal Reinforcement on the Rate and Content of a Conversation Verbal reinforcement is a characteristic of social reinforcement where language is used to buttress the conduct of either oneself or another. This is usually in the form of praise. Effect of Verbal Reinforcement Verbal reinforcement is one of the most widely used strategies of initiating behavioral change in different individuals (Vallerand et al. 1987). Whether it is at the workplace or in school, people fully utilize this important method of influence. In this respect, the effect of positive verbal reinforcement has been extensively studied. Studies have been conducted with several populations, these include; elementary school children, pre-school children,…show more content…
The student can find this insulting, even with this; this is prone to be futile. 2. Reinforcement has to be delivered immediately. Individuals should know the moment when they should expect reinforcement. The individuals offering verbal reinforcement should not wait to the end of the week in order to reinforce someone else for doing something like remaining in their seats for the full duration of the classes during the week. The effect of positive verbal reinforcement is normally diluted, if not lost when we take long periods of time to deliver the verbal reinforcements. If giving verbal reinforcement immediately is not possible, it should be given as soon as the circumstances allow it. When delivered this way, the relationship between verbal reinforcement and behavior will be maintained and strengthened. 3. Delivery of verbal reinforcement should be consistent. This should be done while paying attention to a planned schedule. If verbal reinforcement is not consistent, no link will develop between the required behavior and the verbal reinforcement, consequently, behavior will not change. 4. Verbal reinforcement should be delivered for improvement. It is not advisable to wait until an individual’s behavior is perfect so as to deliver verbal reinforcement. Improvement ought to be recognized and the individual in question should be made aware that their improvement has been recognized.¬¬¬¬
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