Effects of Violence on Adolescence

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Introduction Violence is a malicious act done by a human being that has the intention of harming or killing another living being. Violence is everywhere: in the home, in the school, and in the community. Violence causes negative effects to humans’ mental health. These negative effects may trigger symptoms of posttraumatic stress, depression, and even anxiety. Symptoms of these disorders can be some of the following: anxiousness, avoidant behavior, feeling a loss of motivation, and feeling of uneasiness. Violence does not only affect the person being victimized but it affects the people witnessing it. Witnessing acts of violence may provoke depressive symptoms, anxiety, suicidal types of behavior, substance abuse, and displaced aggression.…show more content…
Stress is a response to an event that makes you feel upset or threatened. Stress is a way of protecting you and when it works well it helps you stay alert. Symptoms of stress include anxiousness, agitation, short temper, and use of drugs or alcohol. Thes causes of stress can include major life changes, school, family, or chronic worry. Stress can cause a person to be socially withdrawn, use illegal drugs, drink alcohol, have angry outburst, or have anxiety. Being in tune with one’s ethnic identity can help protect against the negative effects of stress and reduces the negative impacts that exposure to violence would have on one’s mental health. This is greater effected by ethnic minority adolescents. There have been studies that have found that support from family, friends or peers to the victim or witness of violence does not seem to protect against the effects of violence exposure on the outcomes of mental health. An important aspect of the lives of adolescents are their peers. A peer is a person that is around the same age group or social group as another. Adolescents are more likely to conform to their peers when they have an uncertainty about their social identity. The cliques and crowds that adolescents form are important to them for the social aspect. It may be a great advantage for an adolescent that has been exposed to high levels of violence to seek support from peers or adults in the school. Help seeking increases the accessibility to emotional support
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