Effects of War since 9/11

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The idea of war, just war, wars of aggression or any of the innumerable ways humans convey and justify war is certain an intangible. War has been part of human society for thousands of years, and it is unlikely that some sort of cultural or human conflict will ever be completely erased (Brodie, 1974, p. 276). One very standard definition of war states that it is a quarrel between nations conducted by force - essentially derived when two groups are unable to communicate reasonably and meaningfully and also when a group or individual's nature is collectively aggressive or violent, encouraging war for oppressive purposes. (Somerville, 1975, p. 199). Historically, it was often easier to define what 'war' meant, but as we the 20th century changed the economic, cultural and political structure of the world, the idea of well-defined war becomes murky (Horgan, 2008). One obvious commonality throughout the historical record is the justification and/or cause of conflict. Points of view differ, but there is always a publicly justifiable reason for cultures to make war upon each other. Thus, in the late 20th century, the continual purchase of weaponry, the continual development of new ways to destroy, and the continual fight for militaristic superiority has taken on a life of its own. When one couples this with the fervor of religion, or the perception that a culture or way of life is at stake, the necessary checks and balances set up after World War II are no longer effective. As the
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