Effects of World War II Essay

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World War II had a large effect on America, on how we were regarded in the world, on how our culture would grow and develop, and on how our citizens would develop and settle the land on their return. It brought people together for a while that were later torn apart, and changed the way Americans looked at higher education. Perhaps most importantly, it brought America to the world and served it up to them as something that could grow and become part of their culture, call it the Coca-Colonization of the world (Marling). It had an effect on the status of women in the economy, on the ability of Blacks and Hispanics to get a step up (for a short time), and the movement of returning soldiers to houses they could purchase in the suburbs to get…show more content…
WACs and WAVs were there to assist (About.com) in the duties that they needed to fulfill back behind the lines when asked. It also bound the generations together as the survivors of World War I watched their families go through a similar situation as they left to fight World War II. Those times may have been among the last where both generations understood each other and felt a mutual bond. Afterwards they were torn apart by the results of the war on individuals and on the nation as we fought the Cold War with the Russians for decades, and perhaps no two generations felt as connected again ever since. Among the three highest changes to the United States were results of the G.I. Bill and the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan rebuilt Europe, guaranteeing that the plants of America, which were still standing and producing, would bring their products to the rest of the world that had been destroyed. It also meant that the Americans were there pushing hard for their version of democracy and education. English was taught as a second language and grew in stature across the world. (Kenniston) American Radio was broadcast to counter the broadcasts of the Russians, as our efforts to control the Cold War grew more intense. A war for the minds of Europeans was almost more lasting than the physical warfare it replaced. Nevertheless, it provided for many American jobs and kept the first soldiers who returned home busy moving back to their places
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