Effects of Youth Involvement in Organized Sports

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By now almost everyone has heard about child obesity in America, but just how high are the rates? The answer might surprise you. According to Nate Whitman, a writer for The Huffington Post, “rates of obesity have doubled in 2- to 5-year-olds, quadrupled in 6- to 11-year-olds, and tripled in 12- to 19-year-olds” (par. 2). This is due to more children staying inside and only doing activities such as video games. They do not interact with anyone besides whomever they are talking to online. These findings are astonishing to say the least. What can we do to combat this? Involvement in organized sports helps children develop their social skills, improve their academic progress, and stay active. One of the positives of youth participation…show more content…
Children also learn to communicate more efficiently with others. Communication is important not only in sports, but also in all other aspects of life. Almost every career involves communicating with others to some degree, so it is an extremely valuable skill to acquire early on in life. Children also develop their social skills by learning how to become a good sport. It is important for youth to learn how to lose gracefully. If a child gets angry or throws a tantrum after experiencing a loss, it means that child has not yet learned how to cope with defeat. Loss is something that everyone will deal with at some point in their life, whether it be losing a game or losing a job. Sports teach this point extremely well. More often than not, sports teams do not go undefeated, so having a child play sports can expose them to dealing with losses. When a child's sports team loses, they often grow closer with teammates in an attempt to strengthen the team and rebound from the loss to win the next game. In contrast, teaching a child to win with dignity is also important. Children should not learn to gloat after a victory or ridicule the other team for losing. They should instead learn to be respectful to others and win without being pompous or arrogant. Plus, if they have already learned of losing, they will know how it feels to be
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