Effects of Zhou Military Advances on China

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Effects of Zhou Military Advances There were a couple of important military changes that took place during the Zhou Dynasty, which lasted from approximately from 1046 to 256 B.C. These military changes were perhaps most significant because of the effect they had upon the social structure of China during this particular epoch. Essentially, these changes in the military practice of the Chinese were responsible for a decentralization of power that expanded the role of civilians and lords into taking a more active part in government. Prior to the Zhou Dynasty, the vast majority of Chinese military forces simply utilized foot soldiers. This methodology for engaging in combat changed during the Zhou dynasty as mounted cavalrymen were able to enlist within the forces of the military and provide greater mobility and durability than previous soldiers for this country could. There is even a significant amount of evidence that suggests that the Zhou were able to utilize their cavalry to incorporate the usage of chariots in military engagements, as well. Another fairly important development for the military during the tenure of the Zhou Dynasty was the introduction of iron weapons. What is particularly interesting about this development was that these iron weapons were produced during the same timeframe that is generally considered the acme of Chinese manufacturing in bronze. However, socially, the production and manufacturing of iron allowed for people to facilitate different
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