Essay about Effects of divorce on elementary-school aged children

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In America, divorce rates are at an all time high. A divorce between the parents of elementary students can be devastating in a young child’s life. Divorce causes stress for children not only at home, but also at school. Children of divorced or separated parents often have to commute between houses. Not only do they have to deal with the pain of parents separating, they also may feel as if they caused their parent’s problems. Parental divorce has negative effects on children’s academic achievement, social life and success in their lifetime, specifically for elementary school students (Neighbor, 1992; Tucker, Friedman, Schwartz, Criqui, Tomlinson-Keasey, Wingard, & Martin, 1997; Kinard & Reinherz, 1986).
As with any child, a sudden
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During a divorce the children’s academic performance is often affected by the grief of their parents’ separation. Not only do children have to become accustomed to the change in their environment, but they also have to deal with the lack of time with one parent. Neighbor (1992) also concluded that children from a two-parent family show higher mental aptitude, academic achievement and school grades than children from a single parent family. A child may benefit by having two parents to love and support them in different ways. For instance, a father may offer more tough love and a more realistic approach to things. Stereotypically, fathers also teach children how to throw a ball, ride a bike and how to play sports. On the other hand, mothers can be more nurturing, gentler and kinder. Even though mothers are usually the parent that receives primary custody during a divorce, a father’s influence is critical in the lives of both sons and daughters.
Kinard and Reinherz (1986) also found that the anxiety of a divorcing mother can cause anxiety in their child which could essentially hurt and disrupt the child’s school performance. Not only do marital problems affect anxiety, it also increased attention, withdrawal, dependency and hostility problems. All these problems interfere with school performance and can make learning a challenge for the student, and instruction difficult for the teacher.
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