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In today’s society more women need to be aware of the disorder that is becoming more common every year. A study shows that there are about 6,000 diagnoses of Down Syndrome each year in the United States("National association for Down syndrome"). One in every 800 babies is born with Down Syndrome (Marsh). This is a rise from the previously reported statistic of 1 in every 733, as it was reported in 2010. Down Syndrome is a common chromosome disorder due to an extra chromosome number 21("PudMedhealth"). Down Syndrome causes mental retardation, a characteristic facial features, and multiple abnormalities such as short, stocky bodies with thick hands and feet. Down Syndrome can have many affects on the family, but there are ways of coping …show more content…
About half of children with Down syndrome are born with heart problems. Severe heart problems may lead to early death. Persons with Down syndrome have an increased risk for certain types of leukemia, which can also cause early death.
Down syndrome is a chromosomal condition that is associated with intellectual disability ("PudMedhealth"). Trisomy 21 is usually causes the abnormalities in children with Down syndrome. Trisomy 21 is an extra gene. The extent and effects of the extra copy vary among people everywhere; it depends on genetic history and by chance. While brain development and brain function reinforces all that children do, brain development is also an active and ongoing process after birth and it is influenced by input and activity. As children learn and develop the brain stores that information, and brain structure and function change as new learning takes place (""). Interventions should take place, normal developmental milestones and try to make sure that a child who cannot participate in some of the age appropriate activities independently is being assisted to experience them. Two-thirds of families with children of Down Syndrome lead ordinary lives, with no long term negative affects to other members of the family (Marsh). Research shows that almost all families love and care for their child. These families do experience extra demands and extra stress but they

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