Effects of missing a doctors appointment

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Effects of missing a Doctors appointment

No-shows are a problem for both doctors and patients.
When a patient misses a doctor/nurse appointment, a follow-up or specialist appointment they are not receiving the care recommended by their doctor/nurse. This could result in the patient becoming more ill and requiring additional time off work, laying an extra burden on colleagues and bosses, there is also the risk of infecting others thus carrying additional burdens as more staff may require time of work or extra appointments. All of this holds a risk of missing deadlines, looking unprofessional and potentially disrupting the training of personnel on unit.
Missing an appointment can also mean missing vital treatment, diagnosis or
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As the population ever increases doctors are being over stretched more than ever meaning every appointment slot is valuable, GP 's are then forced to discharged patients that repeatedly offend for missing appointments which leads to complaints, thus creating more work for the surgery staff and doctors! Then when the said patient applies to re-register at the surgery or applies to register at a different surgery more man hours are consumed.
On researching and writing about this subject it has become apparent that for the sake of one missed appointment the effects are detrimental to a lot of factors and services. I do feel that within the NHS a system should be in place to remind patients of an appointment like a txting service as it would be a lot more cost effective than a missed appointment, however in the military this is very unlikely to happen because of restrictions and budgets. A missed appointment in the military is down to bad administration, deploying last minute, compassionate leave or work/training commitments, all I feel are sufficient excuses with the exception of 'bad administration ' this is a personal issue that you as an individual should take steps to prevent, by the use of a diary, setting an alarm on your phone or computer or simply writing it on a board/piece of paper that you will see.
Having missed an appointment
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