Effects of pH on Enzyme Activity

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I expect the greatest volume of foam to be achieved at pH of 7 because it is the optimum pH of liver catalase. I also expect to see lower maximum volumes of foam in pHs 1 and 12


INDEPENDENT VARIABLE pH (1,7,12) (acidic pHs will be made by diluting concentrated HCL, alkaline pHs will be made by diluting concentrated NaOH and a neutral pH will come from distilled water alone)

Volume of foam (when H2O2 decomposes it forms H2O and O2 when the oxygen combines with the foaming agent it produces foam )

H2O2(aq) → H2O (l) + O2 (g)

Controlled variables
What is controlled Method of control Why it is controlled
Temperature Temperature will be controlled but turning of the AC and the fans closing the windows and the door during the experiment, also a insulating mat will be placed underneath the reaction vessel Temperature must be controlled as it has a capability to affect the rate at which the enzyme will catalyze a reaction. It does this by supplying or taking away the enzymes and the substrate molecules with kinetic energy which…
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