Effects of the Defeat of the Axis Powers in WWII

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The defeat of the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) in World War II had deep and lasting effects on almost every country in the world. A new era in geopolitical struggles, economics, and political ideology came into being with the decades long tensions between the United States and Soviet Union known as the "Cold War." However, for Germany there were both positive and negative aspects of post-war rebuilding, depending on geographical location. Disputes between the Allied nations led to a new international balance of power between the West and the Soviets. Germany was divided into two sections; East and West, and for a time, Berlin was divided into four sectors with the United States, France, and Great Britain constituting West Berlin, the Soviets East Berlin. The immediate consequences to this division were a disaster for the German people. This, of course, was compounded by the damage created by Allied bombing and the devastation that occurred in the cities and countryside as both the Red Army converged from the East, and the British, French and Americans from the South and West. There were also various political changes, terrain claimed by the Nazi regime was repatriated or returned to other countries (Spielvogel and Redles). In the western part of German, Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France, and the Sudentenland to Czechoslovakia. Germans in this land were either expelled or not permitted to return if they left during the war. In 1949, the Federal Republic of
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