Effects of the Drug Renvela: Case Studies

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Original Case Studies (Considering drug Renvela) Agenda: 1. Case Review 2. Identify Case Problems 3. Group Activity 4. Discussion Genzyme Sanofi Renassist Program Background and Mission: Sanofi Renal reimbursement group Helping patients, with or without prescription drug coverage, for over 10 years Dedicated to providing assistance and support for patients prescribed Renvela速 (sevelamer carbonate). Renassist supports the patients by: Verification of the benefits of Renvela; Facilitating prior authorizations; Informing about patient assistance programs; and Educating about Medicare Part D and reimbursements Types of Assistance Programs Renal Patient Assistance Program (RPAP): For patients with Financial needs, having no coverage under any prescription drug benefit Part D Assistance Program (PDAP) For eligible Medicare Part D patients who cannot afford their copayments or co-insurance for Renvela. RenValueSM The RenValue coupon program helps cover the costs of Renvela for qualified patients with or without prescription insurance. Factors attached to PDAP 2013 Opening date: March 1, 2013 Refills must be requested by healthcare professional Patient will receive enough medication to last till December 31, 2013 (incase less than three months remain in the year) Current Time frame: Pre-entry Dailies: same day Apps: 1 day out TPGs: 2 in-queue for pre-entry VoBs Dailies: 3 day turn-around TPGs: 4 week total turn-around Applications RPAP

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