Effects of the Industrial Meat Indutry

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Introduction This day in age we have heard so many rumors of how factory slaughter cattle farms are actually ran. Many people assume all beef cattle are kept outside in fields. But, this is not always the case. This paper is to serve to somewhat get a clearer picture of what really happens within a cattle slaughter house. In every phase of development within a factory slaughter farm, animals suffer needless changes and restricted, narrowed living conditions. Not only are the animals being affected by diseases or stress, but we too are being affected just as much. When the farms dump fesses on lands it will make its way into our water and air supply leaving behind pesticides and toxins affecting our immune systems. “Scientists have linked animal stress to problems with food quality and safety” (Animal Welfare). Like any human that suffers from stress and anxiety can be diagnosed with any sorts of illness, the same circumstances can happen to an animal when it is subjected to stress and pain, the animal is prone to disease and can produce lower quality meat, and milk. In this case the cattle being exposed to stress their milk and meat will have a lower quality. I personally have come face to face with a pig factory, which I do not believe it is any different from a cattle factory. Just being able to see firsthand what a slaughter house looks like is very sad. The pigs that were in the farm were mostly females, they lived in a pin that was big enough for the pig to stand up

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