Effects of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication

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[pic] Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas Capitol Site, Batangas City, 4200 Final Paper: The Effects of the Internet On Interpersonal Communication Presented to Dr. Neil P. Balba In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the subject Advanced Educational Technologies (MA 709) Master of Arts Major in English Language Studies by: Ma. Anna Corina G. Kagaoan-Pablo April 29, 2011 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The influence of the Internet has caused a change in the way we communicate, learn and shop. The Internet is probably most famous for the ability to spread information, fact or fiction. We were once limited to news editors of a local paper, then to national cable news. There is no question that easy access to the Internet, like…show more content…
Many businesses use email to advertise (sometimes considered spam) and to notify customers of everything from sales to bills due. Chat and Instant Messaging (IM): mostly used for interpersonal communication, this method of communication is an informal way to meet new people, keep in touch with friends and family, or maintain long-distance relationships. Internet messaging in all forms is often a preferred method of communication to phone calls, letters, and face-to-face communication because of its laid-back, informal nature. Social Networking: by far the most popular and fastest growing communication method made possible by broadband Internet service, social networking started out as a way for people to find old friends, stay in touch with current ones, and meet new ones. It has now grown into a prolific communication tool for both personal and business use. You can organize groups, notify people of events, send mass email messages, chat, and so much more. Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are currently the most popular social networking sites, and have attracted billions of users. Many businesses have used social networking for advertising and marketing purposes and seen great results. Communication has changed significantly because of
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