Effects of the Oil Spill on the Environment

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In 2009 an oil rig controlled by Thai oil giant, PTTEP, exploded off of the northern coast of Western Australia , billowing thousands of litres of oil into the Timor Sea each day. The leak was active for 74 days, beginning on the 21st of August and continuing till the 3rd of November 2009, effecting an estimated area of 10,000 square meters, proving to be a disaster of both environmental and political proportions. This essay will evaluate the effects of the oil spill on the environment, question the effectiveness of the clean up effort provided by the oil company PTTEP and view the changes made by the Australian government in relation to oil well operations and regulation. In doing so, this essay will also analyse this disaster in relation…show more content…
The WFF and the Australian Marine Sciences Association have both expressed views that oil companies should be responsible for all damage it causes to an environment even if that damage is proven many years after the incident has occurred. - Finally, there is the question of compensation and of responsibility. What happens to those who depend on the environment for their livelihood? How is damage to both the environment and those who depend on it minimised? Those people who rely heavily on the marine life for their livelihood should be able to seek recognition and indeed compensation for damage caused to the environment. While the PTTEP does accept responsibility for the oil spill it refuses to rectify mistakes made in the long term management of the disaster. 
 The Australian Government For the Australian government, the events of the Montara oil spill would prove to be a disaster that would eventually have significant repercussions of both an environmental and political nature. After the initial events and clean up of the oil spill, the Australian government leapt into action with their priority being heavily focused on a range of proposed changes that were designed to improve the safety and security of both
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