Effects of the Vietnam War on America

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The Vietnam War, from first hand point of thought is where a great deal of the confusion had started in the United States. It was certainly a rough decade during that time period, ranging four presidencies during the war itself with the exception of Harry Truman helping the French in the beginning. When in class we talk about the national approval rating for the American people towards their government and it is surprisingly low, about a quarter of the population. Through first hand interviews of elders that lived during that time period I had found that they believe the War was one of the pinnacles of the downfall in trust towards the U.S government, especially towards the end of the War during Nixon’s presidency. Earlier in my college…show more content…
Another similar factor is that Eisenhower didn’t want to become the next “lost China” to Communism and didn’t want the same kind of unpopularity for the next term “lost Vietnam”. But back home the whole idea on the war on Communism wasn’t that strong, so he got heavily appraised for pulling out of Korea, but as said earlier overall Eisenhower did increase the heat in Vietnam. As war started in 1965 most people would have surely went about their daily lives, not knowing that this devastating war would tear apart their society. As years went by the biggest Protestants were the students of the nation who did antiwar campaigns on different school campuses. Most students formed a group called (SDS) or known as students for a democratic society. And that really took hold because they gained more and more supporters over the next three years, especially after the North Vietnamese and their Tet offensive showed that the war was going nowhere. The biggest protest known, well most prominent in antiwar, was gathered at the Lincoln Memorial and then they had marched to the Pentagon later in the protest. But hundreds of them were arrested. At this point the Gallop poll indicated that only thirty five percent of the whole population approved of Johnson’s handling of the war at hand but a whole fifty percent did not at the time. A fun fact is that the famous professional boxer, Muhammad Ali, denied wanted to be drafted into the military and his sentence was
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