Efficacy Of Monsanto 's Ethical Culture

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Case study Analysis
Question 1
Efficacy of Monsanto’s Ethical Culture
Ethical issues remain relevant aspects for businesses operation and competitiveness. The elements aforesaid ensure that every firm has what it takes to connect well with the community to provide consistent market and productive relationship with other stakeholders. Monsanto Company that was in a tussle with the community over the production of the genetically modified products that seemed detrimental to the society responded by creating awareness to the people about the need for sustainable farming practices (Carroll, 2015). The company notified farmers that the world population was increasingly going up thus a need for sustainable agricultural practices. The company
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The capability to withstand water shortages and the havoc caused by the harvest passes makes the plants to mature early with its productivity level being high. Regions suffering from food shortages can only undergo starvation for short period before it can start to enjoy the food. On the other hand, the abovementioned advantages make farmers engage in profitable farming business with the low level of costs of farm inputs and high outputs. This aspect benefits not only the farmers but also the population that stands to enjoy a large variety of food stuff at their disposal.
However, the use of the GM seeds for food production can quickly render a harmful impact to the user. Lee & Burrell (2002) stated, “Intense concerns about the uncertain health and environmental of GM farming have been the subject of high profile debate. The effects of GM farming on existing forms of agriculture, raised by the prospect of cross-pollination by GM seed, provoke similarly polarized views” It is common that genetic engineering process often takes place by joining different genes of plants together to come up with a whole species of the plant. Unfortunately, this process can easily result in coming up with plants with genes that are harmful to the consumers. Most of the genetically modified food staffs can

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